About Us

Super Seeds (P) Ltd., a Company with excellence and earnestly dedicated to agriculture farming and geared up for genetic research using crop bio-technology for the prosperity of the country and its farming community.

Super Seeds (P) Ltd., established in 1988, when the Green Revolution was progressing and they actively participated and shared its role in this. This company was envisioned by a young graduate & enterprising farmer Mr. Ashok Garg, the son of a farmer and a landlord, keeping in mind to provide best quality seeds at affordable price to the farming community. With the humble beginning the Company started production and marketing of public bred hybrids & varieties. Then the reign was taken over by his brothers Mr. Naresh Garg & Mr. Ashwani Garg. Simultaneously a ‘Research Wing’ was established under the leadership of them. Super Seeds has now expanded into a multi-crop, multi-location quality research.

Every seed is a promise of outstanding growing potential. Feeding the world is no small task, and at Super Seeds, we believe that the men and women who do it deserve the very best from their seed company. Genetically enhanced premium quality seed has been the hallmark of Super Seeds for more than two decades; The Company has vast experience in seed production of major agricultural crops backed by a very strong in-house R&D programme for crops like cotton, maize, paddy, bajra, sorghum, wheat, mustard, castor and several vegetable crops. New hybrid launches are the result of rigorous localized breeding and testing that helps ensure Super Seeds meets customers’ needs on a field-by-field basis, to get the right product on the right hectare to maximize their productivity and profitability.

Being India’s leading National Seed Company, the focus canter’s round combined use of conventional breeding and biotechnology to shift the yield frontier and stabilize it through incorporation of genetic resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Encountering the challenges faced by the farmers is the business motto for Super Seeds research innovation.

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