Company Profile

Company Profile

The dictionary meaning of the word Super is 'SUPERIOR' and ever since the day of its inception; the group has stood true to its name in every deed. Super Seeds was established in the year 1988 by Mr. Ashok Garg and ever since then it has been soaring greater heights in every endeavour. Super Seeds has always strived to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality and innovation. Each member of Super Seeds is perfectly qualified, efficient and full of professional integrity yet we attribute our success and zeal to keep moving forward to the entire Super Seeds Group as the bit by bit contribution of every member and every process is equally important to make this success an everlasting story. Also, the valued customers of Super Seeds Group are to be thanked first and foremost for all the soaring heights we've achieved.

The company has its presence in 10 states and markets approximately 125 varieties of seed products to more than 2 million farmers across the country, while continuing to be one of the nations' leading suppliers of improved seed varieties. Currently Super Seeds is one of the fastest growing seed company in India with a large network of over 200 distributors and 1250 dealers spread across the country with over 210 employees and a strong product line of both-hybrids and OPVs.

Our research team, lead by a scientist with nearly 25 years of experience and exposure to the practical plant breeding technologies, is our strength. It has been our endeavor to meet the specific requirements of the farmers and will not leave any stone unturned to deliver the tailor made products to our customers. The company is poised to go greater heights with its renewed focus on R&D and strong intent to invest in innovation by the management to deliver all brand promises. With one of the largest anthology of crop germplasm in the country, Super seed’s draught and disease resistant as well as high yielding hybrid and varietal portfolio includes cotton, maize, paddy, bajra (Pearl Millet), sorghum, wheat, mustard, castor and as well as vegetables such as Tomato, Chilli, Okra & cucurbits.

We could identify the resource personnel in the form of organizers at about 15 locations in Northern, southern and central states of India, servicing around 14,000 acres of seed production area, to strengthen our supply base. The required processing, conditioning and quality related infrastructure in terms of machinery, equipments and storage space are already in place.

Year on year Super Seeds has been making great and delivering results and have been strides in its aggressive growth journey by focusing on:

  • Maintaining strong relationships with the farmers as well as channel partners.
  • Delivering value to all stakeholders.
  • Exceeding customer expectations in quality, responsiveness and delivery.
  • Upholding a commitment to corporate citizenship by way of handholding farmers.
  • Building and retaining a diverse pool of talented employees.
  • An aggressive R&D and research focus to incessantly deliver the best of science.
  • An experienced management known as trendsetters in the seeds sector.

Fast Facts about Super Seeds.

  • 25 Years Experience in Seed Business.
  • Leading Player in varietal seeds to millions of farmers.
  • Emerging multi-crop, multi-location quality research seeds group.
  • Super Seeds has been conferred with Best state seed producer award by Haryana state government in 1997 for the various achievements and services rendered for the benefit of the farming community.