Processing & Conditioning

Processing & Conditioning

Seed processing, conditioning and packing are vital operations for enhancing the seed quality and physical appearance. Seed treatments with protectant chemicals protect the seed from insect pest damage seed-borne / soil borne fungal diseases for a specific period. While processing seeds the critical parameters that need to be kept in mind include aspects such as germination percentage, seed viability and improved seed health. In Super Seed’s processing centers, the seed is conditioned to retain its inherent quality parameters (Germination, G.P.) and improve physical parameters. Additionally physical impurities in seed batches such as undersized seeds and light seeds are removed and right amount of moisture is retained. The processing cycle involves different steps, which varies with the type of crop. We own processing units at 4 locations having a total processing capacity of 32 TPH (Tonnes per hour) spread over an area of 4,26,240 Sft.


Processing Facilities

State of the Art Processing

  • Total processing capacity of 32 TPH.
  • Our State-of-the-art processing plants are located at Sarangapur Industrial area (Nizamabad Dist.) in Telangana, Manohrabad village (Medak Dist.) in Telangana, Mansa (Gandhinagar Dist.) in Gujarat; and TalwandiRana, (HissarDist.) in Haryana.
  • Cob drying specialized unit is under construction at Manohrabad village (Medak Dist), Telanganawith a capacity of 80-90MT/Batch. Cob Drying Plant has the ability to dry Maize Crop from 30% moisture level to 12% moisture level It also includes a maize Sheller for removing the seeds from cobs without impacting germination and vigour.
  • Imported high quality seed cleaning, sorting and treating equipments.
  • Cotton cleaning and sorting machines.
  • Needle separators for Cotton.
  • De stoner (Indent Cylinder) for wheat and paddy.
  • Form Fill Seal (FFS) machines for cotton and other crops.
  • Automatic sealing machines for various crops.
  • Rotostat machine for treating the seeds uniformly.
  • Cotton Gas Delinting facility (In Pipeline).

 Seed Storage

It is important to store seeds properly so that there is no loss in their quality parameters. The conditioned godowns ensure medium to long term storage of seeds without loss of viability and vigor. In the conditioned godowns, temperature levels of 15 C (+ or 1) and Relative Humidity 40% (+ or 2-3%) are maintained constantly by using air conditioning and de-humidification equipment.