Quality Assurance at Field Level

Quality Assurance at field level

Field quality assumes a great significance in view of the fact that most of the hybrids belongs to cross pollinated/often cross pollinated crop species and the contamination at field level is quite possible. Use of CMS seed parents provides scope for contamination even in self pollinated crops like paddy. The following precautions are taken to ensure quality at field level.
Precautions at Field Level

1. Proper field selection.
2. Appropriate isolation distance.
3. Exact synchronization of male and female flowering by staggering the dates of sowing.
4. Appropriate female: Male planting ratios.
5. Field Inspection and rouging at following stages.

  • Knee-High stage
  • Pre-flowering
  • Flowering
  • Seed Setting
  • Pre-Harvesting

Proper field inspections and rouging by the experience and qualified production staff insures genetic purity, seed health and seed viability.